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Ponds are built for a variety of reasons - Fishing, Swimming, and as an aesthetically pleasing landscape feature. For landscape reasons ponds can be built as water gardens, or koi ponds. Ponds can be built for fishing, swimming, and many other reasons. Pond digging is a complicated process that involves many types of heavy equipment and precise excavation. A well built pond can provide joy to life. Pond and lake construction requires sound planning and design and proper placement. We build ponds, in Eunice, Basile, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Elton, Crowley, Kinder, Opelousas, and all the surrounding areas of South Louisiana.

We can provide a well constructed pier if needed. A pier is typically supported by a widely spread piles or pillars. A pier can provide a place for a boat to be docked or a place to relax and fish from.

There are 3 types of man made pond options.

  • An excavated pond is the process of digging a pit into the land. This type of pond is used where only a small supply of water is available.

  • An embankment pond is the process of building a dam around a stream of some kind so that water can back up into the stream valley. This would be perfect for land owners that have streams, or creeks or fresh springs on their property.

  • Finally Levee ponds are built on sloping land and the pond is built by excavating and building a dam. This pond type is the most popular.

A water feature in many cases can be the single most effective way to increase property value. So if you need fishing pond construction, farm pond construction, a water garden, a koi pond, pond excavation in Lake Charles, need to dig a pond in Lafayette, or a pond in Eunice, or any other dirt work needs in South Louisiana, give us a call. We are READY TO DO THE JOB!

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